An all-around work-horse, LINK is commonly used in a large variety of markets including Heavy/OTR, Trucking, Agriculture, Bus/RV, Emergency, Specialty and more.


Boasting all capabilities of the GatewayHD minus PLC, the LINK Lite is a prominent player in all fleet and OE installations, stand-alone and integrated, not requiring drop-and-hook capabilities.


PressurePro’s comprehensive line of TPM Solutions are backed by our market leading Sensor technology. Featuring standard and large bore options, customers gain sealed, submersible, easy to install Sensors with the ability to read pressures from 8 to 215 PSI. PressurePro solutions provide pressure readings in units of PSI, BAR or kPa and temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit.


PressurePro’s Gateway/LINK Solution remains a key product in PressurePro’s lineup. A critical component for fleet and OE applications, commercial and heavy duty alike, Gateways are utilized for all drop-and-hook configurations, stand-alone or integrated. Featuring CAN and RS232 capabilities, the Gateway enables tire performance information to be transferred across vehicle and trailer networks allowing automated trailer switching and seamless integration to Telematics solutions.

  • Monitors up to 32 tires per unit
  • Monitors up to 5 units simultaneously, for 160 tire capacity
  • Fully customizable baseline and alerts
  • Full scale (unlimited) drop-and-hook capability
  • Built in 12-36V power conversion
  • RS232, J1939 and J1587 capacity

The About

World leader in the Radar Detection Systems

Rearsense Warning Systems Australia P/L has been distributing reversing radar/ obstacle detection equipment since 2005.
Rearsense is the Australian distributor for the world’s leader in the Radar Detection Systems (Preview Radar) for waste/quarry/mining and transport industries.
With a vast network of dealers around Australia, Rearsense can provide service, installation and back up when required no matter what the location.
Our aim is to provide and manufacture systems that are operator friendly and easy to use along with a rugged and long service life in the field.

The Product Range

Our Product Range

PreView Sentry®

PreView Sentry® accurately identifies the location and velocity of up to 16 people or objects simultaneously. Sentry has a fully adjustable detection zone, with the ability to detect objects from the face of the radar up to 30 meters (98 feet), and the width of the detection zone is adjustable to fit almost all vehicle types.


The most pivotal component of the PressurePro product line, Sensors remain the heartbeat of our comprehensive line of TPM Solutions.

PreView Wireless

The PreView Wireless system has a touch screen display that incorporates colored graphics to make it easy for the operator to quickly understand their proximity to the detected object.

The Industries

Our Industries


complete safety solutions for waste vehicles


complete safety solutions for the wide variety of construction vehicles


eliminate costly collisions and vehicle downtime


trusted supplier to Original Equipment Manufacturers

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PreView Sentry by PRECO Electronics